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Short and long-format courses for the SLP at the intersection of grad school and a successful career. Available to members of The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Members only. 
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Professional Skills
Conflict Resolution for Fresh SLPs: Tips for Effectively Resolving Workplace Conflict
Email Etiquette for Fresh SLPs - Tips for Professional and Effective Online Communication
SLP Newbie Quick Courses
An SLP Newbie's Quick Course on Videofluoroscopy Swallowing Studies
An SLP Newbie’s Quick Course on Clinical Swallow Evaluations
Preparing to Enter the Medical SLP Setting
How to Start Your CF Strong
5 Surprising Mistakes CFs Make
The Successful Medical SLP
Med SLP Bootcamp: A Step-by-Step Guide for the SLP Newbie
SLP IMPROV! How to Use Scripting to Prepare for Lean + Agile Conversations