Med SLP Bootcamp: A Step-by-Step Guide for the SLP Newbie

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Course Overview
Unit 0: Course Overview + Objectives
Ready, set, go!  This is a brief introduction to ALL the important and fun things that will be covered in this course.  Having an overview of what you will be learning will help you understand and implement important concepts, allowing you to develop your clinical skills more effectively.

Unit Overview
Med SLP Course Introduction
14 mins
Course Expectations and Overview .pdf
271 KB
Unit 1: Preparing for Your First Day
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 1 Lesson
6 mins
Unit 1 Action Plan for First Day.pdf
201 KB
Unit 1 Materials for Your First Day.pdf
231 KB
Unit 2: Who's Who on the Medical Team
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 2 Lesson
17 mins
Unit 2 Who Is Who On the Medical Team .pdf
174 KB
Unit 2 Scripts for Introducing Yourself at Rounds.pdf
223 KB
Unit 3: Inpatient Etiquette
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 3 Lesson
14 mins
Unit 3 Standard Precautions .pdf
284 KB
Unit 4: Navigating the Medical Chart
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 4 Lesson
15 mins
Unit 4 Sections of a Medical Chart .pdf
174 KB
Unit 5: Walking onto a Medical Floor
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 5 Lesson
8 mins
Unit 6: Things to Do Before Walking in a Patient's Room
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 6 Lesson
5 mins
Unit 6 Materials to Gather Before Your Enter the Room.pdf
300 KB
Unit 6 Talking with the Nurse .pdf
282 KB
Unit 7: Starting Your Evaluation
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 7 Lesson
7 mins
Unit 7 AIDET.pdf
43.3 KB
Unit 7 Scripts for Starting an Evaluation .pdf
486 KB
Unit 8: Nuts + Bolts of the Evaluation
Unit Overivew
Med SLP Unit 8 Lesson
4 mins
Unit 9: Wrapping It Up
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 9 Lesson
5 mins
Unit 9 Scripts for Wrapping Up Your Session.pdf
339 KB
Unit 10: Things to Do While Still in the Room
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 10 Lesson
5 mins
Unit 11: Once You Leave the Room
Unit Overview
Med SLP Unit 11 Lesson
3 mins