The Successful Medical SLP

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Unit 0: Course Overview + Objectives
Are you ready to be a successful medical SLP?  These are the 4 subject areas that the top medical SLPs know, understand, AND implement in their careers!  In this course, we cover skills, strategies, and mindset of being a Successful Medical SLP.

Course Overview
Unit 1: Smart Medical Moves
Unit Overview
Smart Medical Moves Video Lesson
14 mins
Successful Med SLP AIDET.pdf
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Successful Medical SLP Stop-think-do.pdf
158 KB
Unit 2: Tips for Success
Ready to really excel in your career?  This section has “Words of Wisdom” from my many years of practicing as a successful SLP.  You’ve worked hard on developing your skills as an SLP, now learn about the ART of being an SLP.
Unit Overview
Tips for Success Video Lesson
11 mins
Unit 3: A Day in the Life of an SLP
Unit Overview
A Day in the Life of an SLP Video Lesson
20 mins
Unit 4: Skills, Strategies + Next Steps
Unit Overview
Skills, Strategies and Next Steps Video Lesson
9 mins
Bonus Unit: What If?!?!
Unit Overview
Bonus Unit Video Lesson
28 mins